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Gutsy Athletic Rebranding For Success

Feb 12, 2021

What’s Gutsy Athletic?

Their main focus is to be there for each athlete along their journey. They want to embrace your challenges and the obstacles you face each day.

With over 13 years of custom team gear experience, gutsy has created a new vision. Gutsy is fiercely focused on the athlete and customer-first mindset. You can count on Gutsy to be centered around customer service, great communication, and streamlined processes in manufacturing and logistics. They relentlessly pursue making the ordering process better, so you can prepare to inspire during life’s defining moments.

Gutsy Athletic™ approached me with the goal to become a force in baseball team sales through building trust & showing passion for baseball to their customers. We created a more cohesive messaging and design language across their storefront. I also ensured that their brand was fluid through their website and promotional materials.

The Idea when I Designed Gutsy Athletic visual identity from the ground up, capturing the brand’s excitement and value through a new logo and brand style guidelines. An effective website was also developed to generate leads and convert customers.


Since the website launch: Bounce rates dropped Conversion rate more than doubled Quality of leads have improved (in both consistency & motivation to buy).